Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc. maintains a database that includes 500,000 bakery ingredients, savory ingredients, packaging, and foodservice products. The Allied Sales product list consists of approximately 2,500 of our most commonly requested items. If you do not see an item that is of interest to you, please ask. We represent more than 300 suppliers from around the world.


  • Spices.jpg
    Spices and herbs - Allied Sales can provide you with ground, whole, natural seasonings, and specialty blends from around the world.
  • Marshmallows.jpg
    Marshmallows, candy bars, toffee bits, dulce de leche, cookies, sugar, dessert toppings - Allied Sales will meet all of your sweet tooth needs.
  • Oils 2.jpg
    Oils - Allied's inventory includes grapeseed, olive, peanut, coconut, corn, soybean, mineral, canola, and pan release.
  • oats.jpg
    Buckwheat, corn meal, farro, wheat bran, oats, and quinoa are some of the many grains on the Allied Sales product list.
  • artichokes.jpg
    Allied Sales carries a wide variety of vegetables including artichoke hearts, fresh shredded carrots, fire roasted bell peppers, pureed pumpkin, and sauteed yellow onions.
  • beverages 1.jpg
    Allied's beverage product list includes juice, coffee, soda, chia, tea, water, syrups, mixes, and energy drinks.
  • cheese 3.jpg
    Blue cheese, goat cheese, mascarpone, provolone - wheels, shredded, blends, spreads. Allied Sales offers hundreds of cheese products.
  • nuts 2.jpg
    Nuts are available whole, shelled, chopped, sliced, pieces, raw, blanched, as meal and as butter.
  • chocolate 1.jpg
    Chocolate - Allied Sales distributes chips, curls, flakes, nibs, ribbons, chunks, cocoa powder, coatings, couverture, compounds, syrups, sauces, and custom decorations.
  • Eggs.jpg
    Shell eggs, pasteurized eggs, and egg products have a special history at Allied. Allied Sales was hatched from eggs.
  • flavorings.jpg
    From amaretto to watermelon, Allied Sales offers countless flavors, extracts, compounds, and custom requests.
  • cranberries.jpg
    From apples to the zest of lemon, Allied provides sliced, diced, whole, pureed, dried, frozen, and candied fruit.



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