About Allied Sales...

Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc. is a specialty bakery ingredient distributor and importer focused on industrial manufacturing supply, service, and support.  We are pleased to provide support for R&D with product research, recommendations, samples, and documentation.  Additionally, Allied provides third party storage and logistics services so that our partner-customers may focus entirely on what they do best… magically converting our top quality ingredients into their delicious, valuable finished products.  Leave the inbound and outbound work to Team Allied.


Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc. distributes and stores all bakery and many savory ingredients. Allied's product list includes approximately 2,500 of our most commonly requested ingredients. If you do not see an item on our list that is of interest to you, please ask. We will find it. We love chocolate and provide temperature control storage at 50°F - 60°F for all chocolate products. We represent more than 300 bakery ingredient, packaging, and foodservice suppliers. Allied maintains a database that includes 500,000 food ingredients and imports specialty food products from around the world. Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc. is an AIB "Superior" rated facility.



Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles in 1969. It has since grown to provide national distribution to over 1000 customers. We also provide product transportation for our storage customers within a 50 mile radius of downtown Los Angeles.


Allied Sales provides four temperature zone storage options: ambient, temperature controlled 50°F - 60°F for chocolate, refrigerated 34°F - 38°F, and -10°F for frozen products. Our tracebility system allows us to track all products we store for our clients. We provide daily electronic inventory reports.


Allied Sales & Distribution, Inc. maintains a database including more than 500,000 food ingredients. Our documentation library is available for product research. Your sample requests are always welcome. Please let us know what you need and we will happily provide it for you.



Phone: 323-589-9380


2021 East 52nd Street, Vernon, CA 90058